Black Magic Sex Spell in San Antonio TX that work immediately

Black Magic Sex Spell in San Antonio TX(Supercharged Results)

Black Magic Sex Spell,Let’s face it you want to get laid. You want to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. And that need is strong – a yearning that just won’t abate. For many it eats into their very being…

Black Magic Sex Spell

Make no mistake. It makes no difference whether you are male or female, it’s a genetic imperative. You can’t control it or turn it off. Romantic games are just that – games. Get to the root of it and it’s pure, unadulterated lust and desire to copulate.

So what do you do if it’s just not happening? And the one you’re crazy about is not coming through?

It’s simple. You use a little black magic to nudge things along Black Magic Sex Spell

One good method to get sex, which is advocated by the Lords Of All Darkness and the bestial denizens of hell, is the Astral Lust Spell. The idea is to get your target (the man or woman you desire) crazy about you, addicted to you, and chasing after you. This involves astrally entering into the dreams of the person you desire.

So what you do is this…

  • You choose a time when your target is likely to be fast asleep. You then lay down on your bed and relax your whole body. Focus your attention on your solar plexus, the energy center around the lower area of your stomach. Picture warmth and energy building up in the area.
  • Now imagine yourself rising out of your body and floating out of your house to the home of your target. See them clearly in your mind’s eye. Float above them as they sleep. Feel the energy in your solar plexus surging through you.
  • Now send you whole body of light, your astral self, into your target. Literally meld with them and become one body, two as one. Allow the energy from your solar plexus to surge through both your bodies. Imagine that the atoms in your bodies are dancing together, neutrons fusing into one.
  • Then issue the following command: Say your prospective lover’s name, then add “Love me and desire me.” Say this over and over for a while. Then make the energy of your fused bodies peak, as if it is a mutual climax.
  • Now extract your astral self from the body of your target and return to your home. Take some deep breaths to ground yourself, and you’re done.

Do this as often as you can, at least for a week. And it may need reinforcing now and then too.

It should go without saying that your target, your prospective lover, should be somebody, who, in the normal run of circumstances, would be likely to hook up with you. Or at least there’s a reasonable chance of it. In other words, if you are fixated on somebody rich or famous, and you’re not rich and famous, the truth is, you’re out of their league. People tend to stick with their own level. Not always, but as a rule.

Other than that proviso, this is very likely to work. If it doesn’t, then you may need to work on your ability to visualize and focus your attention. These attributes need to be strong for the Astral Love Spell to be effective.

Oh and one other thing. If your target happens to be with somebody else, that’s fine. Proceed anyway as you’ll grab their attention on the deeper levels of their being. And even if they’re in the middle of having sex with somebody else, when you pay your astral visit to them, that’s okay too – your target is likely to get an image of you jump into their head amidst their carnal shenanigans.

On balance, you can’t lose with the method of obtaining the lustful advances of your target.